Last year, Adam and Ned did an epic walk, walking 1200 km from Adelaide to Canberra when Ned was only 13.

The Canberra Walk For Refugees key message is that the issue surrounding the treatment of the people on Manus and Nauru, has gone beyond a matter of politics and is instead a mainstream humanitarian issue. The people who are there are people just like us, with the same hopes and dreams. We believe how these people are being treated in the camps no longer has the support of the majority of Australians.

These men, women and children have been on Manus Island and Nauru since 19 Jul 2013. It does not take almost five years to process these people appropriately. All security assessments have been completed and all are who they claim to be. In addition, most have completed their refugee assessments and 86% have been found to be genuine refugees. There is no reason to hold them, let alone to keep them in limbo in appalling living conditions.

No one can deny the current policy is untenable and we simply must find alternatives. We aim to create an event that is large enough that the mainstream media cannot overlook it, and to further normalise the idea that asylum seeker and refugee policy can change and must move away from having its basis in fear. We can be safe and have secure borders without treating people inhumanely.

We would particularly like children and older Australians to join us along the road over the fortnight of the walk. Children because they are the future and older Australians because they remember a time when Australia was more compassionate. So on a Saturday or Sunday when there is no school pack some lunch and come and meet us. We would also love to see any community and faith based groups join in. Click on the tracking link above and you will be able to see where we are. People are encouraged to obtain sponsorship if walking and donate it to our crowdfund. Excess funds are going towards humanitarian support in Manus. Please go to

Our Facebook page is Please click on the events tab to check out all events associated with the Walk Check there to find out about the latest details on meeting times and places.
Many people do not know the truth about Manus and Nauru. On our FAQS page you will find answers to common questions like “Aren’t they illegals?” and “Aren’t they Queue Jumpers?”.
This is an event to attract the most involvement of Australians from all walks of life. Please join us!