Dear fellow Australian, International advocates and supporters

In Indonesia, as you know, I have been advocating and fighting for refugees’ rights for the past few years. Nearly 14,000 have been stranded and stuck in an indefinite limbo with no rights and hindered in a state of uncertainty, hope you can help change the situation for us who have been languishing without hope.

According to the UNHCR, there are more than 70 million displaced people around the world. Whilst the UNHCR remains unable to provide a durable solution for all, globally the number of resettlement places is shrinking. The UNHCR defines three kinds of durable solutions for refugees: resettlement, local integration and voluntary return, but none which could effectively address the refugee crisis in Indonesia.  Whilst Indonesia denies local integration to the refugees, third countries are increasingly reluctant to take more refugees from Indonesia. Understandably, refugees are terrified to return to the conflicted, war-torn countries they fled to save their lives and refuse to return voluntarily.

By a stroke of fate, we have had the opportunities to share our stories of struggle, hope, and insights through this documentary that my Australian filmmaker friend and supporters have created. We never thought we will have such an opportunity to do speak out for our rights, justice, and dignity as refugees and stateless people of the world.

And we need your help!
 We need you to help us finish this documentary. This can create a pathway for us to find a solution to change our lives and my Australian friends are also fighting to change the system and injustice of this whole situation. The only solution is to help and empower refugees by sharing our stories to educate more people around Australia and the world.

Why does it matter!  
This is about giving others the direction what they can do to help change the situation, whilst empowering our voices to fight for our human rights, dignities, and the future of our Children.

Your spare change can help change thousands of refugees lives in our region, and if you’re Australian.

All donations are Tax deductible! Please help us share our story and change many of our lives”

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